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Adorable Sock Snowmen

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Since there is no snow to use for real snowmen (yet) I thought I should share a fun, cute and creative craft to make a different kind of snowman, using socks! Because of the use of straight pins, younger children will need your help with these, but older children can have lots of fun personalizing their snowman. How adorable are they? Here is how to make them:
What you need

  • White crew socks
  • Rice
  • Rubber bands
  • Scissors
  • Buttons
  • Scrap fabric from patterned socks or old shirts
  • Straight pins (with beads on end)
  • Glue (optional)

How to make them

  1. First, cut off the ankle part of the sock. Turn it inside out and put an elastic band as close to the top edge as you can. Then, flip it back so it's right side out.
  2. Use a funnel (for less mess) to fill up the ankle part with rice. Your sock will stretch out a bit as you fill it up, so keep adding rice until you have a nice, round and plump sock.
  3. Add a rubber band to the top to close it off. If you want you can trim the top of the sock so you don't have too much extra fabric above the rubber band. 
  4. Shape the rice so you have a larger amount on the bottom, and smaller on top. Add a third elastic around "neck" to create the head and body of the snowman.
  5. Use straight pins with beads on the end for eyes, and either glue on buttons, or use more straight pins to keep them in place. Use scrap fabric to cut out a scarf. You can cut out the toe part of coloured socks, roll up the edge and use as hats, or use the ankle part of coloured or fuzzy socks to use as a sweater. Let you and your child's imagination run wild! 
Here are some more styles to inspire you:

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