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10 Signs You Live with a Child


Sometimes we all need a chuckle! Do you recognize any of these 10 signs that you live with a child? Or have any to add to the list? Leave us a comment!

You clearly live with a child if...

  1. Your phone is out of memory due to your massive photo library.
  2. Your house ranges from "looking like a bomb went off" to "someone is coming over and I had 15 minutes to clean".
  3. Cutting a sandwich the right shape is necessary, no essential. And the correct shape from yesterday may not be the right one today.
  4. Your cardio exists of keeping up with a toddler, or picking up toys, or both.
  5. You have to add 20 minutes to your schedule because your child wants to do EVERYTHING by herself.
  6. Silence scares you.
  7. Your sink always has dried blobs of toothpaste in it.
  8. You have gotten used to going to the bathroom with the door open, and little eyes watching.
  9. You are making someone a snack exactly 2 minutes after you finished cleaning the kitchen after dinner.
  10. Hearing "I love you mommy/daddy" melts your heart into a mushy puddle of mush.

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